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ApplesOFGOLD.COM® - Quality Fine Jewelry & Wedding Rings

Antique-Style Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement RingThe marriage tradition is a rite of passage that thousands of couples take every year. A time-honored custom, weddings offer a couple the chance to publicly declare and seal their love for each other. One of the practices couples use to symbolize the marriage covenant is the exchange of wedding rings.

These circular symbols of eternity denote the difference between just dating and the titles of husband and wife. Wedding rings are among the most important purchases a couple will make, because they are going to be a lifelong emblem of their marriage. ApplesofGold.com offers hundreds of styles of rings in various metals, all at 40 percent below standard pricing. Our ever-expanding wedding collection makes choosing the right ring easier than saying “I do!”

Brides and grooms will become instantly devoted to Apples of Gold wedding rings when they see the broad selection of high-quality bands. The hand carved designer wedding band, for example, is just one exquisite choice from their wedding lineup. This original design features intricate by-hand carving for a one-of-a-kind look. The seamless pattern weaves effortlessly over the band, and is available in yellow gold, white gold, or platinum, as well as a variety of widths.

Couples can also opt for a modern twist on the traditional plain gold band with the antiqued personalized wedding band. This style allows the couple to inscribe their names, wedding date, or other phrase on the outside of the band. The inscription is expertly crafted in script text, giving a refined look. This band also boasts a comfort fit, which conforms better to the wearer. Available in 14K or 18K yellow or white gold and platinum, this style proves that wedding rings don’t have to be boring.

Apples of Gold also offers a more opulent option for wedding rings, like the floral leaf diamond wedding band. Set in two-tone yellow and white gold, this ring is a gorgeous example of elegance. High quality white diamonds, set in yellow gold, line both edges of the band and create a sparkling setting for the elaborate detail work on the center of the ring. The middle portion features carved leaves that overlap all around the band. Crafted of white gold, this element plays off the brilliant diamonds and makes brides and grooms alike gush at the sight of it.

Weddings are full of cherished moments, but perhaps the most important is when husband and wife slip on their wedding rings for the first time. Their promise of eternal love is captured with that single act of exchanging rings, and will be a forever reminder of their vows. Apples of Gold makes choosing the perfect ring for this special moment easy with a vast collection of rings to suit every style and budget. Whether searching for a simple, traditional band or a statement-making ring, ApplesofGold.com has a solution.