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White Gold Wedding Bands for Men

white gold wedding bands for menWhite gold wedding bands for men combine the traditional use of gold in wedding jewelry with the modern look of a cool, white metal. The stylish appearance, unmistakable quality, and pleasing affordability make white gold the preferred choice in menís wedding rings.

White gold, like platinum, has become popular among men looking for a white metal wedding band. But unlike platinum, white gold is more widely available and thus, more affordable. White gold matches nearly all skin tones and provides the same variety of styles and designs as traditional yellow gold. With some exceptions, white and yellow gold of equal karats will be equal in price.

As women are also smitten with the grayish-white metal, choosing white gold allows the bride and groom to have rings that match in appearance. From chunky, solid gold bands to intricate paisley patterns, the Apples of Gold white gold wedding bands for men span the spectrum of menís interests and style preferences. Men can further customize their rings by choosing exterior engraving such as a cross or Celtic knot pattern or by opting for the interior engraving of a favorite Bible verse or message.

Many men wonder if white gold is as pure as traditional yellow gold. Whatís the difference between the two? When speaking of gold quality and purity we donít look at color, we look at karats. Yellow gold, rose gold and white gold of the same karat measurement will be equal in purity. The metal that is used in the alloy determines the color of the end product, but the percentage of pure gold remains the same.

The karat number listed with each of our white gold wedding bands for men determines the amount of pure gold present. The higher the karats weight the higher the level of purity. While 18k gold is ideal for a wedding band, it is important to remember that gold is a relatively soft metal. It gains strength from the metals it is mixed with. Thus active men who plan to wear their band during work and recreation should consider the more damage-resistant 14k gold.

White gold wedding bands for men are plated with rhodium, a hypoallergenic metal. White gold rings may dull slightly with the passage of time, but a simple re-plating refurbishes the rhodium and keeps your ring looking shiny and new. white gold wedding bands for men

Classic yet cool, traditional yet trend setting, white gold wedding bands for men are your shining choice in wedding jewelry.

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