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10mm Diamond-Cut 14K Yellow Gold Bangle Bracelet

10mm Diamond-Cut 14K Yellow Gold Bangle Bracelet

Item #: MK-8G8714
Retail Value: 1500.00



A fine compliment to any wearer, this 10mm yellow gold bangle bracelet is a great addition to any fashion outfit. Regardless of skin tone, yellow gold, the color of which the bangle bracelet is made will stand out and in this instance, being diamond-cut 14 Karat certainly ensures it remains stunningly attractive. It has a length of 7;8 with the diamond-cut pattern etched into the yellow gold in a consistent and lovely design. The edges are bereft of any interruptive patterns with smoothness that allows the diamond-cut pattern visibility by its contrast. The texture of the bracelet bangle on the topside is slightly brushed which also contrasts with the smoothness of the diamond-cut pattern.

We guarantee our 10mm Diamond-Cut 14K Yellow Gold Bangle Bracelet to be high quality, authentic jewelry bracelet, as described above.

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