Cross Bible Verse Ring in 14K Yellow Gold

Cross Bible Verse Ring in 14K Yellow Gold

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Item #: BVR-01Y
Retail Value: 1125.00

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made in the USA


14K Yellow Gold Wedding Band features Song of Solomon 1:2 or the Bible verse of your choice in a 6mm width.


  • 14K Yellow Gold
  • Width: 6mm
  • For Men or Women


The cross is instantly recognizable as a symbol of faith, and in this Cross Bible Verse Ring in 14K Yellow Gold it also serves as a reminder of that way that we are called to love each other. Christís love for us was demonstrated by His sacrifice on the cross, and the symbol of His suffering is not only a declaration of what you believe, but also an emblem that calls to mind the ultimate example of pure, selfless love.

The inside of this yellow gold wedding ring is engraved with a verse of your choice, up to 225 characters Choose one of Apples of Gold suggested verses (such as ďI am my beloved's and my beloved is mineĒ from Song of Solomon) or have any verse of your choice, up to 225 characters, engraved inside for a ring thatís especially significant to you and the one you love.

The gleaming 14K yellow gold from which this Christian wedding band is made provides this piece with a classic feel that perfectly balances its flat, contemporary silhouette. This Christian wedding band is not only attractive; itís also personal and unmistakably meaningful as it declares your unending love for your one special someone and your connection to your Creator.

We guarantee our Cross Bible Verse Ring in 14K Yellow Gold to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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