Diamond Solitaire Pendants

 > Available in Yellow, White, 14K, 18K, and Platinum Settings


Round Solitaire Diamond Pendants

The Round brilliant diamond pendant is a timeless classic of grace and elegance. The most popular of all cuts, the round diamond pendant is an essential to all jewelry collections. An enchanting cut that will dazzle and sparkle forever.

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Princess Cut Solitaire Diamond Pendants

Bold, clean lines make the princess cut diamond solitaire pendant a contemporary favorite. Sophisticated and elegant, the fiery square shape of the princess cut pendant has a cosmopolitan flare that is simply irresistible and perfect for today's modern fashions.

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Marquis  Cut Solitaire Diamond Pendants

The distinctive cut of the marquise diamond adds an extra touch of dramatic flair to the incomparable brilliance of the diamond pendant. An eye-catching shape that resonates with sparkling fire and confirms the diamond as the true king of stones.

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Oval Cut Solitaire Diamond Pendants

The oval cut diamond solitaire pendant ensures remarkable brilliance and sparkling fire with its balanced shape and distinctive setting. The oval shape resonates with a classically sophisticated charm and is a unique alternative to the traditional round diamond.

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Pear Cut Solitaire Diamond Pendants

Incurably romantic, the delicate and finely cut pear shape diamond solitaire pendant is a treasure to wear over the heart. The single pointed end encompasses a reflection that is unique to any other stone. An alluring cut that exudes style and grace.

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