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Emerald Cut White Topaz Solitaire Ring, 14K White Gold

Emerald Cut White Topaz Solitaire Ring, 14K White Gold

Item #: AOGRG-5-WTW
Retail Value: 450.00

Ring Size:


This Emerald-Cut White Topaz Solitaire Ring in 14K White Gold is designed to offer a taste of the finer things in life. The classy ring is a shimmering example of how one simple look can have a lasting impact, from the unique clarity of the stone to the appealing white gold.

The band is cast in solid 14k white gold and measures 4mm. The ring slightly narrows from back to front as it tucks underneath the stone toward the setting. The gold has been given a silky smooth finish that makes the band look and feel soft to the touch. The white topaz stone measures 6mm by 8mm and takes on the appearance of a graceful mirror reflecting the light overhead and picking up adjacent colors. The white topaz is positioned vertically on the ring and sits in a solid gold setting with four arms that secure the stone on all corners.

Reminiscent of the splendor of the bourgeoisie, this solitaire is a chance to play with your style and still enjoy an exquisitely designed ring.

 Gemstone Characteristics
 Gemstone Type  White Topaz
 Gemstone Size  6mm x 8mm
 Gemstone Shape  Emerald Cut
 Gemstone Rating  AAA

We guarantee our Emerald Cut White Topaz Solitaire Ring, 14K White Gold gemstone jewelry to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.

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