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Petite Cross Pendant with Heart Detail, Sterling Silver

Petite Cross Pendant with Heart Detail, Sterling Silver

Item #: QGCR-QC1885
Retail Value: 35.00



”Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.” (I John 4:11)

A lot of meaning is packed into this Petite Cross Pendant with Heart Detail in Sterling Silver. First and foremost is the simple, shining cross that serves as this piece’s foundation. With sleek, straight sides and slightly rounded edges, this cross has a subtle femininity, giving it a look that’s graceful and charming as it calls to mind Christ’s ultimate sacrifice on behalf of all mankind. Sitting in the center of this cross is a sculpted heart, a gracefully formed emblem of love that serves as a reminder of the reason why Christ died: He loves us with an everlasting love.

This petite pendant is formed from .925 sterling silver, the purest variety of this cool metal that’s used in jewelry, and it’s polished to give it an eye-catching shine. This pretty piece is perfect for representing both the matchless love of Christ and the way that we are to follow His example by loving others.

Cross measures 25mm (1”) x 12mm (1/2”) not including bail.

We guarantee our Petite Cross Pendant with Heart Detail, Sterling Silver to be high quality, authentic sterling silver pendant or necklace, as described above.

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