Vintage Mens Wedding Bands

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The timeless quality of vintage mens wedding bands allows them to communicate that your love is ageless. As the years pass these rings continue to serve as reminders of the promises you made—and make—to honor and to cherish. Read more.

Rings that are inspired by the past call to mind a time that not only was simpler, but also a time when quality was valued. Apples of Gold’s commitment to using the finest materials and workmanship gives these bands a beauty that can only result from the upmost care and conscientiousness.

Trends come and go, but your love doesn’t. Show that it’s here to stay with one of Apples of Gold’s vintage mens wedding bands.

A ring that’s engraved with meticulous craftsmanship is a symbol of the mutual care and consideration that’s present in a loving marriage relationship, and the individual attention that’s given to each of the vintage mens wedding bands that Apples of Gold sells is evident. Rings such as these display exquisite craftsmanship that makes them one-of-a-kind treasures.

Paisley designs make their mark on several of Apples of Gold’s vintage mens wedding bands. This swirling teardrop-like pattern has been in circulation for thousands of years. It can be traced back to several cultures, including the Celts and cultures in South Asia. In India it appeared in many art forms, including shawls in Kashmir. When these shawls were brought to England in the 18th Century, they became enormously popular and the English began to imitate their designs.

It’s no wonder that the British were drawn to paisley motifs: they’re curving yet bold with a look emanates both strength and grace. Paisley remained popular in England (and, as a result, in the United States) into the Victorian Era, the time period that inspires the paisley vintage mens wedding bands in Apples of Gold’s collection.

Over a century later, the lively yet refined looks of paisley still hold their own, giving a distinct touch to rings that are sure to endure well into the 21st Century and beyond. Whether in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum or a two-tone combination, these rings have style with true staying power.

When you want to show that your love will endure throughout time, consider a ring inspired by the past. In a time when life seems to move in fast-forward, vintage mens wedding bands show that your love is worth slowing down for.

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