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Vintage-Style Filigree Ruby Ring in 14K White Gold

Vintage-Style Filigree Ruby Ring in 14K White Gold

Item #: HGO-R93RB
Retail Value: 1500.00

Ring Size:


This ring may be unassuming at first glance, but as you take a closer look you will see the finely detailed filigree gold band that makes this piece stand out from those rings with simpler bands. The Vintage-Style Filigree Ruby Ring in 14K White Gold is the perfect ring for those looking for inspiration in art and design.

The 14k white gold band (1.5mm) has a refined quality to it with its antique-like motif on the sides of the ring and intricate filigree work at the shoulders next to the stone. The ring widens at the center to make room for a solid gold setting in which a red ruby measuring 6mm sits like a plucked berry. The clarity and round cut of the stone make for a rich wash of color across its many facets. The ring is a lovely example of inspiration leading to fine art.

This is a special ring that offers many complex layers—from the stone to the filigree work—that you can trace over and over with your eyes and never tire of it.

    Ring Specifications
  • Metal Type - 14K White Gold
  • Gram Weight - Approx. 3.8 grams
  • Head Size - 9mm x 9mm
  • Head Height - 7mm
  • Band Width - 1.5mm

  Gemstone Information

  • Gemstone Type - Ruby
  • Gemstone Size - 6mm
  • Gemstone Cut - Round Cut


We guarantee our Vintage-Style Filigree Ruby Ring in 14K White Gold gemstone jewelry to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.

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