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Gold and Silver Jewelry
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Sterling Silver Animal Jewelry
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Silver Unique Gemstone Rings
Silver Sapphire Rings
Silver Black Diamond Rings
Silver White Topaz Rings
Silver Amethyst Jewelry
Silver Aquamarine Jewelry
Silver Peridot Jewelry
Silver Topaz Jewelry
Silver Garnet Jewelry
Silver Ruby Jewelry
Silver London Blue Topaz Jewelry
Silver Emerald Jewelry
Silver Citrine Jewelry
Silver Unique Gemstone Jewelry
Silver Sapphire Jewelry
Silver Black Diamond Jewelry
Silver Jewish Jewelry
Silver Religious Jewelry
Silver Marine Jewelry
Silver Cat Jewelry
Silver Dog Jewelry
Silver Farm Jewelry
Silver Zoo Animal Jewelry
Silver Fashion Rings
Silver Engagement Rings
Silver Family Jewelry
Silver Personalized Rings
Silver Design Earrings
Silver Hoop Earrings
Silver and Gemstone Earrings
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David Tishbi
Silver Green Amethyst Rings
Silver Green Amethyst Jewelry
Silver Pearl Rings
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Silver Turquoise Rings
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Silver Turquoise Jewelry
Vintage Silver Rings
Mens Silver Wedding Bands
Silver Wedding Bands for Women
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Simple Wedding Bands
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Gold Plated Jewelry
Sterling Silver Cross Rings Christian
Silver Tanzanite Jewelry
Tanzanite Silver Rings
Pink Topaz Silver Rings
Pink Topaz Silver Jewelry
Silver White Topaz Jewelry
Silver Cross Earrings
Silver Heart Earrings
Personalized Silver Bracelets
Plain Sterling Silver Wedding Bands
Silver Personalized Earrings
Silver Wedding Bands for Men
Ship Time



Please note: Choosing an expedited shipping method, such as 2nd day or Overnight does not mean your item will always arrive within 1-2 days. Delivery times will depend on the processing or manufacturing time of your particular item. Once your order is ready to ship based on your product's ship time, it will ship via your chosen delivery method.

The shipping and processing times of all of our items are listed underneath the "shipping information" on your particular product's information page.

Most of our jewelry usually ships the same day of your order or within 24-48 hours of your order, except for handmade wedding bands and a few other items which may require slightly more time. Please review below to gain a thorough understanding of our product's processing and manufacturing times.

Standard Jewelry & Watches

Most of our jewelry ships within 24-48 hours, including gold bracelets, gold chains, earrings, pendants, rings, and other items which state "Ships within 24-48 hours" in the shipping area. These items are available for an overnight basis if you call us or let us know in the case of a rush order.

Gemstone & Diamond Rings

Our gemstone and diamond rings usually ship within 3-4 business days of your order, as we make and set each ring according to your size. 

Wedding Bands

Some of our wedding bands ship within 24 hours, such as our plain bands. However, most of our wedding bands, such as two-tone bands, design bands, diamond bands, and Celtic bands, take between 7-10 business days before they ship, as we have them individually handmade. Please be sure to check the individual shipping time of your particular item.

Be sure to review the shipping and processing time on your particular wedding band if you are not sure. Some rings may be ordered on a rush basis. Please contact us if you need your ring on a rush order basis.

Stock Availability

We have a high-stock rating of over approx. 99%!  That is the amount of times we have had the items which have been ordered immediately in stock.  If for some reason, we are out of stock on your particular item, we will notify you via phone or email the same day of your order or within 24 hours, so that you may make other arrangements or keep your order on back-order.  We will always notify you of how long a back-order will take (usually 1-2 weeks on most items).

Be sure to also review our shipping methods, including signature delivery and insurance!

If you have any questions about any of our processing or shipping methods, please contact us.

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