14K Gold Byzantine Cross Dog Tag Necklace Pendant

Item #: qgcr-2594c
Retail Value: $525.00

Box Chain
Box Chain


This 14K Solid Gold Byzantine Dog Tag Cross Necklace Pendant marries the rich tapestry of Byzantine artistry with the bold lines of modern design. Cast in radiant 14K solid gold, this piece carries the weight of history in a form made for contemporary expression.

Textured Intricacy

The dog tag is intricately etched, creating a textured pattern that plays with light and shadow, enhancing the prominence of the smoothly polished cross at its center. The tactile surface invites touch, while the reflective cross beckons the eye, offering a symbol of Christian faith that is both seen and felt.


Measuring 7/8" in height (or 1" tall overall height with hoop/bail) and just over 7/16" in width, this pendant's size is poised between subtlety and statement. At a thickness of 2.1mm and a gold weight of approximately 2.68 grams, it hangs with a presence that's tangible without being overbearing.

A Chain of Choice

Complement this pendant with a suggested 0.9mm 14K solid gold box chain in either 18" or 20" lengths, transforming the pendant into a necklace that articulates your style and belief. Alternatively, explore our selection of gold chains to find the one that speaks to your individual taste.

Byzantine Cross Dog Tag Pendant 14K Gold

  • Artisan Byzantine Style Cross
  • Guaranteed Solid 14K Gold
  • Approximate Gold Weight: 2.68 Grams
  • Customizable with Chain Necklace Options
  • 45-Day Return & Exchange Policy
  • Free Shipping in the USA (international shipping available)

In this Byzantine Dog Tag Cross Pendant, ancient art and modern design converge, crafting a narrative of enduring Christian faith cast in the timeless sheen of gold.

We guarantee our 14K Gold Byzantine Cross Dog Tag Necklace Pendant to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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