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The Promise of Privacy

Our Privacy Policy is very simple - it has the promise of your privacy you in mind.

We do not sell or give away any personal information to anyone or any organization outside of our company for the purpose of processing your order.

This includes your name, email address, phone number, and any other personal information given to us. We are strong believers in keeping your information secure from marketers and other solicitors.

This is actually a moral stance for us. We believe that marketers and companies who sell or give away their customers' information have strayed from the ethical limits of their legitimate business practice. We strongly believe that it is unethical to sell customer information under any and all circumstances.

The only instance in which you will receive information from us is under the following circumstances: (1) If necessary, to verify order information or to give you updates on your specific order. We may either contact you either by email or phone for this purpose. (2) Approx. once every 1-3 months, we may send an email to our current customers offering product discounts, new product updates, or news about our jewelry. This is for internal use only to our already existing customers and offers will be strictly for jewelry products from our company only. You can opt-out from this service at any time simply by notifying us anytime before or after your order.

We pledge to help keep your email free of spam and your dinners uninterrupted by marketing calls.

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We also secure our site with Northon Anti-Virus Protection on every purchase and use the latest in SSL encrypted technology.

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