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"A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver" (Proverbs 25:11).

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Value-Based Pricing Method

Traditional jewelers often employ what is known as keystone or triple-keystone pricing. In a keystone pricing model, jewelry is marked-up double the cost of what the jeweler originally paid for the piece. This is the most common pricing model that conventional jewelers employee. Some go as far as utilizing a triple-keystone pricing model, which means that the jewelry piece is marked-up to three times the cost of its original wholesale value.

Apples of Gold utilizes neither of these pricing models. Our standard mark-up for jewelry is an average of 40% Below Retail for the same fine quality jewelry. In fact, the wholesalers and manufacturers we work with are often the same ones that are selling to those same traditional jewelry stores.

Apples of Gold started its online presence with the singular premise that traditional jewelry companies were simply charging too much to the average jewelry consumer. With wholesale jewelry marked up anywhere from between 100%-300%, we set out to do what any ethical company would hope to do: provide real value for our customers. And we take this promise seriously; every item that is listed on is marked-up based on a strict formula that will get us within our average mark-up range, so that we may stay well within standard retail jewelry prices.

Over the past decade, many of our customers have had the jewelry they purchased from us appraised by an outside, certified jewelry appraiser. And we have not encountered a single customer who has not come back and shared with us that their jewelry appraised for higher - in many cases, substantially higher - than what they paid for it at Apples of Gold.

How do we do it? By working closely with manufacturers and wholesalers who have our orders made on the spot once they are ordered, so that we may have low inventory costs and be enabled to share that savings with you, our customer. Yes, many of the pieces that you purchase from us are individually manufactured (rather than mass-produced), so that our craftsman take time and care into producing your piece!

We hope that you value our process and our ways, as we deeply value yours.

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