18K Gold Handmade 6mm Alternating Link Bracelet for Men

Item #: ast-9418-1170-18k
Retail Value: 5675.00


made in the USA

Introducing our exclusive 18k solid gold 6mm alternating cable link chain bracelet—each link a testament to enduring craftsmanship. Designed and handmade to order, this bracelet is a bespoke treasure that aligns with your personal style.

Precise Craftsmanship: Your Perfect Fit

The bracelet comes in a range of lengths, each with a corresponding weight that underscores the quality of 18k gold, approx.:

  • 8.5" - 24.5 grams
  • 9" - 25.95 grams
  • 9.5" - 27.38 grams
  • 10" - 28.82 grams

Require a unique size? Our artisans are ready to tailor this bracelet to any length, ensuring a fit that's just right for you, by request. We can even make a matching necklace. Just contact us!

Assured Durability: Secure Lobster Claw Clasp

Each bracelet is finished with a heavy-duty lobster claw clasp, blending security with ease of use for daily wear or special occasions.

Our Commitment: Quality and Service

Crafted with pride in the USA, our skilled jewelers ensure that each bracelet is a work of art:

  • Free Shipping within the USA (worldwide shipping available)
  • Guaranteed pure 18K Solid Gold
  • Custom lengths and styles available upon request

Adorn your wrist with the luxury of solid gold, a testament to both your taste and the unmatched skill of American craftsmanship.

We guarantee our 18K Gold Handmade 6mm Alternating Link Bracelet for Men to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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