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Custom Photo Jewelry Necklaces

The age-old adage says a picture is worth a thousand words. How many more words, then, must the photo of a loved one be worth? There are pictures from moments both great and small that are enshrined in your memory forever. Choose one from your phone or hard drive to immortalize in a piece of heirloom jewelry with a custom photo jewelry necklace. Your mother would love to wear a snapshot from your graduation or a picture of you and your siblings when you were little. Just think how her loving eyes will tear up as she opens this thoughtful gift from the heart…a photo of her babies that she can wear close to her own heart. Read more.

More lasting, more durable than setting a favorite snap as the wallpaper on your phone or tablet, creating a custom photo jewelry necklace has permanence, attests to a deep, forever love. If you’re the sentimental sort, use a wedding photo to create a one of a kind keepsake anniversary gift—a swirling heart of curlicues in silver or gold surrounding your beaming, in-love faces. If you and your spouse are a little more offbeat, pick a snapshot from a bowling alley photo booth or a roller coaster the two of you screamed on together during a vacation. The fun and playfulness of those moments is every bit as deserving of a custom photo jewelry necklace as the most serious of posed portraits. This makes a truly romantic and personal token.

On a more melancholy note, think of the custom photo jewelry necklace as a fresh way to memorialize a lost loved one and keep them close to your heart always. If your best friend is getting married and you have seen her fight back tears because her grandmother passed away before seeing her walk down the aisle, think how touched and happy she would be to receive a photo necklace bearing a cherished picture of she and her grandma together in happier times. A truly meaningful ‘something new’ to wear on her wedding day and every day after. This use of the photo necklace gives a more special remembrance than simply sending flowers or a sympathy card when a loved one passes on.

Whether for romance or remembrance, a beloved image worn around the neck, a modern version of an old-fashioned locket, speaks of devotion. No matter which sort of picture you choose and for whatever occasion, a custom photo jewelry necklace is a gift of love, capturing a beautiful moment and preserving it for all time.

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