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Buying an Engagement Ring for Christmas

ens3016awcDo you want to know something interesting? Here it is: more men bend the knee to ask for her hand on Christmas than on Valentine’s Day. Sales of diamond rings proliferate at this festive time of year, and the closer it gets to December 25th, the more frantic the search becomes. So here’s the way you can avoid the crunch at jewelry stores and still get the best engagement ring for your sweetie: shop online.

First you need to do your homework. Most men think they understand their intended well, yet buying an engagement ring can feel like an impossible task. What does she really want? Is a bigger diamond better? How do you tell when you’re looking at a good diamond ring? You might feel like seeing the ring “in person” is the best way to shop, and there are a lot of jewelers to choose among, from department stores to high-end jewelers. So look around if you want to, but do your shopping online. Here’s how.

Pay attention to the 4Cs: cut, color, clarity, and carat.


three-stone-round-and-princess-cut-diamond-ringThe defining factor for how a diamond looks and sparkles is cut. A well-cut stone will look larger and will hide flaws and be more brilliant than a poorly cut stone, according to experts. Spend only what you can afford, but go for cut first and foremost. Your money will be best spent if you go for the better cut which provides more sparkle. Diamond cut is ranked excellent, very good, good, fair, or poor.


Although diamonds range in color from D to Z, with D being fully colorless, it is rare for someone other than a diamond expert to be able to tell the difference between a D and a G color stone, so if you’re limited on budget, opt for a G or H. Diamonds also come in colored varieties, like black and blue.


paisley-4-prong-scroll-solitaire-ring-white-goldMost diamonds contain some blemishes and inclusions, and all diamonds have a clarity rating. FL means flawless, and thus the most expensive. Other ratings reveal the amount and visibility of the flaws or inclusions, and the best deal will come in the SI1 or SI2, which means slightly included. In this rating, only experts will see the inclusions.


There’s a secret here. “Buying shy” refers to purchasing a diamond that is just shy of a round number, such as a 0.95 carat diamond rather than a 1 carat. The price difference can be substantial, yet the difference is barely noticeable.

What about metal?

The ring metal is also a consideration. Platinum rings are the most expensive, but white gold delivers almost the same glamorous look at a much lower price. Remember that the wedding band should be the same metal, so knowing her preference can help you find the right engagement ring.

Buying the ring

1-2-carat-paisley-scroll-diamond-engagement-ringMost experts agree that buying online is a far less expensive way to purchase jewelry, and engagement rings are no different. Online retailers can offer cheaper deals since they do not require the overhead expenses connected with operating a brick-and-mortar store. Their selection can also be much larger, and you can find the combination of 4Cs that will suit your needs much easier.

If diamonds are simply out of the budget, opt for another stone instead, such as a sapphire or topaz, to get the glitz without the price. At Apples of Gold, we have a huge selection of engagement rings with diamonds, other stones, and combinations of the two.

Taking the worry out

Apples of Gold takes measures to be sure your information is safe and your transaction secure. You have a full 45 days to return or exchange the ring and shipping in the United States is always free (international shipping is also available). Our toll-free phone number and email allow you to ask questions and personalize your experience.

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