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Deer and Elk Jewelry for Hunters

14k gold deer head pendantHunting is nearly a lost art — most of today’s men couldn’t hunt for their lives. Only 50 years ago or so, it was a way of life. Men would hunt, fish, and trap game. In today’s technological culture, it’s important that we continue to teach our young men and even old boys to hunt; after all, it can be a matter of survival under certain conditions. We can’t always expect society and the government to feed us. Matters, sometimes, have to be taken into our own hands.

At Apples of Gold Jewelry, we believe that hunting is not only a sport but a necessity of life. Especially now with hormones and anti-biotics corrupting our food supply, along with GMOs and everything else in the Big Food industry, nothing is better than fresh meat earned by the hunter’s rifle or arrow.

Apples of Gold Jewelry offers a collection of deer jewelry, for example, in both 14k solid gold and sterling silver as a way to honor the timeless act of hunting for game. All of our hunting jewelry is guaranteed to be authentic and  you can find a detailed collection of elk, deer, and stag as well as unique gold jewelry pieces such as the 14k gold deer head pendant, featured above.

Also among our favorites, is the Large 14K Gold Deer Stag Pendant, which is a larger 14k solid gold pendant for men, featuring a large deer stag with high attention to detail. It is a truly remarkable hunter’s pendant and also makes a great gift for the man in your life!

14k gold elk pendantFor those who like to hunt larger game, check out our 14K Gold Elk Pendant (featured right) or even our 14k gold buffalo pendant. Besides deer, elk, and buffalo jewelry, Apples of Gold Jewelry also offers a unique, fine collection of animal pendants in gold and sterling silver. See our collection and shop our brand!

Apples of Gold Jewelry is a U.S.-based Christian-owned jewelry company which has been an online leading brand since 1999. Learn more about Apples of Gold Jewelry and contact us anytime with any questions you may have!

Do you have an interesting hunting story?

We’d like to promote the art of hunting in the U.S.A. and across the world!

Share your hunting story with Apples of Gold Jewelry for publication on our blog and we will send you this free sterling silver deer head pendant (valued @ $35 from Apples of Gold or $50 retail) with the purchase of any deer or elk item purchase! Submissions must be 500 words or longer. Emailed to: [email protected].

Stay safe and happy hunting!


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