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I’m sending luck and wishes
All wrapped up in a hug
Good things should come your way
With this tiny ladybug.  — Author Unknown

With spring around the corner, we seek the sunshine and languish in the warmer air and among the budding flowers. Ladybugs will soon grace the garden with their tiny, spotted robes of red, to keep the roses free from bugs and delight our faces with their tiny tickles. Here’s another way they enchant us—when they arrive as a pair of charming ladybug earrings made of 14k gold.

The enameled red and black over the solid gold makes a captivating show as they dangle against your neck from the 14k gold fish hook wires. Whether worn to a picnic, the theater or simply when you’re out and about, you’ll be in love with the promise of spring that emanates from these darling 1/4″ buglets. Take a look at our whole collection of Ladybug Jewelry that will fascinate your eyes!


Ladybugs all dressed in red
Strolling through the flowerbed.
If I were tiny just like you
I’d creep among the flowers too! — Laura Fleming

This darling ladybug can stroll along with you when you fasten the 14k gold anklet or ladybug bracelets around your ankle or wrists. You’ll want to roll your jeans up high or wear a pretty dress so everyone can see the adorable chain with the precious bug.

The shining, candy-like look of the red and black enamel is the perfect contrast to the 14k gold the charm is crafted of and that makes the dainty chain. It fastens with a lobster-claw clasp so you need not fear of losing it.

Wear it with your casual wear or even with a dressy, flowery skirt and you’ll charm everyone who sees you! This little beauty sits like a jewel among our ladybug charms collection.


A polka-dotted someone
Walking on my wall
A black-hooded lady
In a scarlet shawl. — Jane Walsh Anglund

Do you wonder what makes Italian jewelry so sought after? It’s that attention to detail, the whimsical added to sophistry, that special something that warms your smile and puts sparkle in your eyes. That is exactly what happens when you wear these beguiling little charmers fashioned in 14k solid gold and covered over with this flattering black and red enamel. Little gold stud earrings with secure, push-back post closures.

Part of our clever collection of Gold Stud Earrings. At 1/4″ in size and realistic demeanor, they will be among your favorite, fun fashion jewelry that you’ll love wearing every day of the week and into the evening as well. Celebrate spring Italian style. You’ll be so glad you did, non ci piove  (there’s no doubt)!


Little red bug, oh so cute,
Here’s a black spot for your suit… — Susan M. Paproci

As the Italians are fond of saying, “La vita è un sogno” (life is a dream). That’s the feeling you get when you wear this tiny spark of Spring! It’s over 1/2″ in size, making it absolutely perfect for your charm bracelet or as a small pendant on a gold chain. It also exactly matches the Italian gold stud earrings (above) and together would make a wonderful gift to give or receive.

This exquisite little beetle would be an ideal addition to your charm bracelet, but if you happen not to have one, take a look at our collection of Gold Charm Bracelets and start one today!

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