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Gemstone Earrings: Life in Small Pieces

AOGER-RDSP7CSapphire Stud Earrings, 14K White Gold

Women should never go without earrings. Passing on them is an opportunity missed. ~ Jennifer Lopez

Elegant, deep blue bits of gemstones that sparkle in the light like the water in the moonlight, these genuine sapphire gemstone stud earrings are perfectly set in 14k solid white gold basket settings. Hand selected to be of the highest quality, choose 4mm (0.40 carats per ear), 5mm (0.75 carats per ear), or 6mm (1.20 carats per ear). Your choice of push-back or screw-back posts. Also available in yellow gold or platinum.


3.40 Carat Emerald-Cut Aquamarine Stud Earrings, 14K White Gold

aqaumarine-emerald-cut-earrings-AOGER-AQCI love jewelry – rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, you name it. ~ Sofia Vergara

Similar to a diamond in their ability to reflect light, these alluring emerald-cut aquamarine stud earrings speak volumes in their own worthiness. Dazzling with any outfit, they can be worn for an elegant evening out or with your favorite pair of jeans. The rectangular-cut aquamarine stones measure 8mm x 6mm and are beautifully set in solid 14k white gold. The translucent gemstones effortlessly reflect light like two mirrors, illuminating and capturing the radiance of a special occasion. Pairs beautifully with our emerald-cut aquamarine solitaire ring!


1.20 Carat Smokey Quartz and Diamond Earrings

PRE7924SQI do like having my ears pierced, because there’s a lot more choice in pierced earrings than there is with clip-ons, and they’re a lot more comfortable to wear – Sometimes I completely forget I’ve got them in and end up going to sleep wearing them. ~ Jennifer Garner

Unusual and elegant, these smokey quartz and diamond earrings are perfectly comfortable. Rather than snug up against your earlobes, these pretty baubles hang just below with the push-back posts sporting a diamond that sits just above the smokey quartz. Crafted in smooth 10k white gold, the diamonds weigh 0.01 carats and the two smokey quartz gemstones weigh 2.10 carats and measure 5mm. Gracious and chic, indeed! Match with one of our beautiful smokey quartz rings for an extra measure of glamour.


1.10 Carat 10 Stone Emerald Hoop Earrings

PRE7918EMI think the accessories look very modern and very exciting. These big earrings, these big hoops. I think the girls are sort of falling in love with… collars, neck collars. ~ Ralph Lauren

These hoops are dignified, fashionable, and sumptuous all at once! Marquis-cut emeralds give these gemstone beauties style, while the 14k yellow gold sets off the deep green of the stones. With leaf-shaped settings, the five emeralds in each ear speak of the romance of the deep woods, like a glade surrounded by the light of the sun. Ten total emeralds weigh 1.10 carats total, and each beautiful stone is 4mm x 2mm. These hoops secure with standard push-back posts. Worn with our marquis emerald and diamond slender wave ring, you’ll be the belle of the ball!

5mm Opal Stud Earrings, 14K White Gold

opal-stud-earrings-white-gold-XBE130CI would prefer to live forever in perfect health, but if I must at some time leave this life, I would like to do so ensconced on a chaise lounge, perfumed, wearing a velvet robe and pearl earrings, with a flute of champagne beside me and having just discovered the answer to the last problem in a British cryptic crossword. ~ Olivia de Havilland

Perfect health is hard to come by, and so are pearls this nice! Ms. Havilland would be charmed to wear these two 5mm opal stud earrings in their solid 14k white gold settings. Europeans have long believed that opals imbue their owners with hope, charity and truth. In Arabic culture, opals are said to fall from heaven in flashes of lightning, and these are so beautiful it isn’t difficult to believe. Whatever you believe about their origin and powers, you’ll be delighted to wear these lovely earrings. Also available in 3mm, 4mm, and yellow gold.

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