Gemstones for the 4th of July Part 1: Red Gemstones 


vintage heart garnet ring

The colors red, white and blue can instantly communicate your love for the U.S.A., making them perfect picks for Independence Day. Over the next three days we’ll be looking at a variety of red, white and blue gemstones, perfect for declaring your patriotism or just making a fashion statement. Let’s start with two red options: garnet jewelry and ruby jewelry.

The garnet has a long history as a gemstone, dating back to as early as 3100 BC when the Egyptians inlaid jewelry with this crimson stone. The rich red sparkle of this gem has made it a perpetual favorite, and its classy hue allows it to take on a wide range of styles with ease. And, since it’s a semiprecious gemstone, pieces that feature it are relatively affordable options.

14K Rose Gold Mozambique Garnet Gemstone Ring

The versatility of the garnet is seen in the way that it effortlessly adapts to vintage designs, and the Garnet and Diamond Heart Ring in 14K White Gold is a perfect example. A 5mm round garnet glimmers as the focal point of this past-inspired style, and it’s surrounded by a meticulously crafted 14K white gold setting that perfectly captures the elegance of a bygone era. On either side of the center stone are two round accent diamonds, framed by sculpted hearts for a touch of romance.

Garnet is equally classy in contemporary styles, as demonstrated by the 14K Rose Gold Mozambique Garnet Gemstone Ring. This unique design places a 6.5mm round garnet in the center of two sweeping arcs of round, channel-set diamonds that rise up around it like a sparkling collar. Additional channel-set diamonds stud the slender band, while a setting of 14K rose gold provides a warm, soft glow with just a hint of pink.

Antique Halo Ruby and Diamond RingThe ruby is another time-honored pick, and as one of the four classic precious gemstones it, like the garnet, has been catching eyes for thousands of years. In addition to its great worth and richly-colored beauty, the ruby is quite hard, making pieces of ruby jewelry picks that are made to last a lifetime.

The Antique Halo Ruby and Diamond Ring celebrates the enduring glamour of the ruby with a style that’s inspired by the past but completely on trend. A 5mm round ruby is the centerpiece of this striking ring, and it’s surrounded by a halo of smaller round diamonds that frames it with sparkle. Additional diamonds accent three sides of the band for a total of 82 diamonds in all, creating a look that overflows with dazzle.

The Ruby and Diamond Twist Ring in 14K White Gold provides a modern look with timeless class. An oval-shaped ruby, nearly a carat in weight, dazzles from the center of this striking style, and it’s accented by 0.21 carats of round diamonds that surround the center stone and twist in two strands that form the sparkling band.

Ruby and Diamond Twist Ring, 14K White Gold

Both the garnet and the ruby are striking red gemstones that provide a burst of richly-hued sparkle. They’re perfect for the 4th of July or any day that calls for saturated crimson sparkle.



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