Heart Wedding Rings for Lovely Brides 

From the time we’re very young we recognize the heart as a symbol of love. However, it’s as Eternal Heart Wedding Band Ring - 14K Rose and White Goldwe learn to love another person more than we love ourselves that we come to fully understand all that this symbol represents. Heart wedding rings celebrate the depth of your affection and declare it to all who see.

True love never comes to an end, and the Eternal Heart Wedding Band Ring in 14K Rose and White Gold creates a lighthearted, pretty picture of unbroken commitment and affection. A ring of 14K white gold carved hearts encircles this ring, symbolizing that your love for your spouse will never run out, and providing shining contrast to the 14K rose gold band and edges.

If gold wedding bands are more your style, consider the Heart Vineyard Diamond Wedding Band in 14K Yellow Gold. This 7mm band could have been pulled straight from a fairy tale with its princess-worthy styling. A petite round diamond sparkles from a center of a carved heart, forming the centerpiece of this feminine ring, while vine-like scrollwork branches out from either side. A graceful flower accents both the right and left, adding a sweet touch finishing touch to this three-dimensional design, as well as a symbol that your love is in full bloom.

If you’re lSilver Celtic Heart Knot Wedding Bandooking for a ring that adds additional symbolism to the meaning held within the heart, consider Apples of Gold’s Silver Celtic Heart Knot Wedding Band. Two rings of heart-shaped Celtic knots wrap around this cool band, symbolic of two people that are committed to loving one another for the long haul. Although the original meaning of these Celtic motifs is unknown, because they have no beginning or end, many have used them as emblems of eternity. These knots can also easily represent the interweaving of two souls into one as they gracefully loop and twist, and they allow this ring to serve as a daily reminder that you and the one you love are inextricably linked. An antiqued finish makes this design stand out, allowing it make an eye-catching stand for your love.

Artisan Heart Etched Wedding Band 14K Two-Tone GoldWhen you love someone, you give them your very best, and rings that exhibit exquisite craftsmanship can capture this willingness to give your all for that one special someone. For example, the Artisan Heart Etched Wedding Band in 14K Two-Tone Gold is adorned with a detailed heart motif that combines the look of filigree with the timeless symbol of love. This feminine motif, carved into a wide center band of 14K yellow gold has an old-fashioned yet lively feel that communicates both long-lasting commitment and sweeping romance. White gold edges add contrast and versatility to this superiorly crafted ring. This style’s 8mm width offers the perfect balance to its delicate design, creating a look that’s both bold and ladylike.

Heart wedding bands express a message of love that’s clear to all who see. While these rings use a simple symbol, this emblem is able to instantly communicate your affection with style and grace.

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