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High Quality Gold Cross Necklaces for Men

gold cross necklaces for men

The Christian cross, the visual representation of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, is the best-known and most-recognized religious symbol of all-time. Cross necklaces for men have been a very popular piece in men’s jewelry collections and a preferred way for men to declare their faith tangibly.

The Apples of Gold collection offers a variety of cross necklaces for men in different metals and styles that will be sure to fit the male wearer. Some traditional options include simple, undecorated crosses made of platinum or gold. There are also pieces that bear more ornate Celtic designs or diamond accents. Or, choose an interesting combination of materials such as onyx and gold. Crucifixes are available to adorn your neck as well. Two-toned and tri-color gold bring out the deep beauty of Christ on the cross. Both symbols hold powerful meaning, but the way in which one chooses faith through this symbol, is a matter of personal conviction.

These pieces make great gifts many occasions in the life of a Christian. With Christmas around the corner, a cross is a meaningful gift for a special man in your life. A cross is also an ideal gift to celebrate a confirmation, a baptism, or for a new Christian or missionary.

Although the cross has been worn more recently as a fashion statement, the cross necklaces for men offered by Apples of Gold stray away from crosses seen as “fashion” or “trendy” and maintain the true meaning of the cross.Cross of Nails Necklace

Choosing this piece, to some, is as important as choosing a wedding band. Like choosing a wedding band, men should think about their lifestyle and personality in order to choose the cross that is right for them. Although these cross necklaces for men are worn as necklaces, a man should still choose a cross made of a metal and style that represents him and that can withstand his type of lifestyle. A more durable, heavier metal is a better choice for the rougher, working man. Original designs or jewel-accented pieces are a good choice for those men only wearing their cross on more special occasions.

No matter the metal, design, or style, the cross will always symbolize the suffering Jesus endured for us, and more importantly, His glorious resurrection, and will continue to be a positive way to portray our Christian faith.

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