How To Remove and Avoid Scratches on Jewelry 

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No matter how careful you are, your ring will get scratched, eventually.  I know, it stinks but inevitable because precious metals are prone to scratches just from basic wear.  Learning how to care for your gold jewelry is as important a decision as making the purchase in the first place.

Many wedding bands are gold, which is considered a soft metal.  If your diamond jewelry is platinum, it’s not necessarily any more “safe” than gold.  Yes, platinum is a hard and durable metal but can still scratch.  So unless you buy Tungsten Carbide, the reality is that your ring can get a scratch from anything, like putting your hands in your pocket and rubbing up against keys, coins, etc.

8mm Plain Gold Wedding Band in 14K

8mm Plain Gold Wedding Band in 14K

The good news is you can get rid of light scratches!  First, soak your gold in warm water and a few drops of liquid detergent.  Wait five minutes.  Rinse and dry with cloth.  Next, use a polishing cloth (buy at jewelry store) and buff the scratches out.  Be careful not to rub gemstones with a polishing cloth because that could cause damage.  You can do this once a month or even once every two to three months.  For deeper scratches, take the jewelry to a professional and let them do it.  Only do this once or twice at a year at most.  Too many polishing sessions can wear down the jewelry.

Emerald-Cut London Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring

Emerald-Cut London Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring

Taking care of your jewelry is key to preventing more scratches. Remember, put on your jewelry after you do your hair and make up.  Take them off before going to bed.  Don’t wear rings while working around the house, gardening, exercising, or any other manual labor.  Make sure to keep gold out of pools and hot tubs.  Chlorine can weaken gold and cause it to break.  Store pieces in a safe and clean place like a jewelry box.  Make sure pieces are not touching each other.  Store gold in a cloth bag.  If you really want to be safe, some say don’t wear your jewelry every day.  I personally think this is silly because why do I have a wedding ring if I’m not going to wear it?  Just be careful.  Maintenance is important.  Jewelry with diamonds or precious stones should be inspected by a jeweler about once per year or inspected at home for any loose settings. Metal prongs that hold stones tend to wear down, get moved, and in some cases, get damaged.

Like any other commodity that you value, care should be taken to protect and enhance your jewelry to ensure it lasts through the generations. Simple cleaning, polishing and being conscious of your jewelry when wearing it goes a long way to ensuring that your wedding ring or jewelry shines!

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