Jewelry Care 101 – How to Make Your Jewelry Last Longer 

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Everyone is possessive about their jewelry, no matter how old it gets or if it’s fake or real. Everyone is united when it comes to caring about their favorite pieces of jewelry. You want to retain the charm, preserve the beauty and maintain the preciousness but you have no idea how to possibly achieve the results. This guide is created to help you make your jewelry last longer.

Platinum Eternal Heart Wedding Band Ring

Platinum Eternal Heart Wedding Band Ring

Remember, the color changing extravaganza occurs due to the reaction between the acids released from your skin plus the moisturizing air and the metals. Now, one thing is clear: if you want to wear them again and again, eventually the color is going to fade and tarnish and it is inevitable. You can’t stop it but what you can do is prevent it to last as long as possible, especially if you have a gorgeous ring like this heart band from Apples of Gold!

However, unfortunate you feel it’s time to get over it and look up to solutions as to how you can get more wear out of your most prized possession.

Be aware of the inventory. Have a sharp look on the storage environment as it is going to have a huge impact on your jewelry and if you don’t, you are the one who is going to pay the price. Better be careful. Make sure the place is not wet, air isn’t moisturizing, and there is no sun exposure. In short, keep it in a cool, dark place.

Refrain from wearing jewelry, such as rings or necklaces in the shower, bath or when working out as perspiration affects the jewelry. Water and air reacts quickly with the jewelry. Oxidation is the primary reason of discoloration.

It is vital to store jewelry in airtight plastic bags. They are easily available and cheap. Above all, they protect the jewelry from oxidation. Squeeze the air out when you are putting the jewelry and zipping up in order to ensure there is no air trapped inside the container. Before wrapping or storing the jewelry, proper cleaning is cherry on the top but avoid using abrasives or you will regret losing the top shiny layer of your jewelry.

1 Carat Diamond Heart Wrap Necklace, 14K White Gold

1 Carat Diamond Heart Wrap Necklace, 14K White Gold

Always put on cosmetics before wearing jewelry and wait until the perfumes or body lotion are completely absorbed or dried. Otherwise, any interaction between the jewelry and body products can harm it. The jewelry can pick up particles from the chemicals and react with it resulting in tarnished jewelry. Make it a habit if you want to enjoy wearing your jewelry longer.

Additionally, you can apply a crystal-clear coat of finger nail polish on the jewelry. The coat hides the metal, hence protecting it from oxidation.

Another great way is keeping the jewelry separate and wrapped up individually.

These were some brilliant handy tips that don’t require much input, just little care, and you are far away from owning a dull unappealing piece of jewelry ever again. Lasting brightness guaranteed.

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