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my engagement ring saved my fingerMy name is Jeanna Burdine-Slaven; I have a fun little story to share and a question to ask if you have the time.

My husband-to-be and I had a very hard time ring-shopping (I was surprised to find out how picky I actually was about my future wedding ring).  We had gone to many many stores, but nothing jumped out at me, until one day I walked into my work and my husband-to-be was there with an image of your Floret Diamond Ring, and all I could do was point at it and say “yes, exactly”!

It turns out that It was a very good thing we chose your ring, because it saved my finger from some very serious pain! Somehow at a business meeting my hand was almost crushed by one of those stadium-style folding seats (like in a courtroom).  The force of the wooden seat was enough to smash my beautiful ring, but it completely took all the weight off my hand and I didn’t feel a thing!

I shudder to think what my finger would have endured if I wasn’t wearing your ring!

So thank you for manufacturing such a beautiful, strong, and faithful ring!

Here’s a picture of the ring and how well it stood up. You can see where the folding chair smashed the bottom-sides of the ring.

engagement ring that saved my finger

Here are two pictures of Apples of Gold Jewelry’s diamond floret engagement ring with Jeanna’s husband’s ring, which he purchased elsewhere.

Diamond Floret Engagement Ring from Apples of Gold Jewelry

princess-cut diamond floret engagement ring

The diamond floret engagement ring is also available in an over as 1 carat princess-cut diamond engagement ring.

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