Silver Hearts Say I Am Yours 


Lifetime Friend
Today I count my blessings,
Giving thanks to the end.
Forever grateful for you,
My lifetime friend. — Deborah J. Birdoes

There comes a point in your life when you realize who matters, who never did, who won’t anymore…and who always will.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romantic lovers. It’s for special friends as well. You know that friend who has walked down the halls of your history right beside you, always faithful no matter the circumstances. There to lend a hand, a shoulder…whatever you need. Why not commemorate that special friendship this year with the gift of a special sterling silver pendant that includes both the symbol of love and the symbol of eternity? Maybe get two—one for her and one for yourself! Included in our collection of Silver Heart Necklaces.

Each piece of Sentimental Expressions Jewelry comes pre-packaged in a stylish magnetic gift box, to protect the jewelry that has so much to say.  Also included is a poem card with the poem & verse printed in English on one side and Spanish on the other.


Amazing Love
Today He still whispers to me. Yes, My child, it is true!
I did this all for Love
As I gave My life for you!—Deborah J. Birdoes

Remember the crown of thorns pressed into Christ’s brow as He shed His blood for the remission of our sins with this Amazing Love pendant. The openwork heart is a contemporary design with an ancient message: God loves you now and forever. What a special gift this would make for someone close to your own heart, or buy one for yourself. Another design inspired by the poetry of Deborah J. Birdoes, from our collection of Silver Heart Jewelry!


Journey of Friendship
Through the seasons of life,
Good times as well as tears.
I’ll journey by your side
Your friend throughout the years.‚Deborah J. Birdoes

Look at the incredible design of this favorite heart pendant. At the very top of the pendant, a cubic zirconia gemstone represents the beginning of the journey. Along the way, the cz stones grow bigger and bigger, signifying the growing friendship with your cherished friend. Wouldn’t this make a lovely Valentine’s Day gift? Perhaps you could each wear one, showing the world that you are connected at the heart! Part of our growing collection of Heart Jewelry to celebrate love!

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