Simple Cross Necklaces for Men and Women 

The benefit of wearing simple cross necklaces for men and women is that the focal point of your jewelry is not on the jewelry itself as much as it is on the message of the Cross.

There are many elaborate, fancy Christian jewelry designs that you can choose from when searching for a simple gold cross necklace or pendant, a gold crucifix or various iconic shapes whether ancient or modern to designs with flourishes, something more elaborate and historical like Maltese cross pendants or cross shapes that designate the denomination you associate with to simply artistic renditions of the cross that are new and creative designs.

But it is the simple Roman cross upon which our Savior Jesus Christ was crucified that sends the best message for those wanting their silver and gold jewelry to make a statement about their Christian faith.

The plain cross pendant represents atonement, death, burial, and resurrection. What the Romans intended for evil and to satisfy the whims of the state, God meant for good. The Father would use the method of the simple cross to bring about atonement and salvation for all mankind.

Express your faith with simple cross necklaces for men and women crafted in pure, genuine 14k solid gold. We’ve list on this page some of our best sellers for both men and women that have proven to be timeless designs over the years and centuries. Be sure to check out our entire collection of gold crosses for men and women to view our huge selection of solid gold crosses.

Our favorite? We would have to go with our best seller, which is the first simple gold cross pendant shown above, the men’s 14k solid gold plain cross pendant, from Apples of Gold Jewelry. We designed this piece ourself around the idea that there are few high quality, substantial crosses for men that are heavy enough, thick enough and just the right size for men. And then we also offered an 18k gold cross pendant for men in the same design as well as a 22k version which you can see on our website.

We were inspired to create this piece after observing that the vast majority of crosses in the jewelry industry were either thin, flimsy, lightweight or hollow. Our men’s solid gold cross is anything but light, thin or flimsy. It is a high quality, heirloom quality piece that will last through many generations. We then made a 14k solid gold plain women’s cross pendant to match.

Since then, many new designs have been forthcoming and are still in the process of being created by our designers and expert jewelry craftsmen. While Apples of Gold provides the highest quality Christian jewelry, we strive to also provide real value by pricing our crosses and fine jewelry at approximately 30-40% below standard traditional retail and offer a 45-day return policy and free shipping in the U.S.!

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