What Are Blue Diamonds? 

What are Blue Diamonds?What are blue diamonds? The simple answer is that they are exactly what they sound like: diamonds that are blue. However, there’s a little more to it than that. There are two kinds of blue diamonds: white diamonds that are treated with heat and pressure to give them a blue hue, and diamonds that are naturally blue. Naturally-occurring blue diamonds are extremely rare, and therefore extremely
expensive—they cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. The famous Hope Diamond is a prime example of such a stone.

Apples of Gold’s blue diamonds, on the other hand, are much more affordable. They’re genuine, naturally-occurring white diamonds—not “fake” stones created in a lab—that have been treated to give them a stunning blue color. And, like all of Apples of Gold’s diamonds, they’re held to a high standard of quality.

Blue diamond rings beautifully show off these stones’ unique beauty, instantly catching the eye and gorgeously command attention. They’re featured in styles ranging from simple and modern to vintage to whimsical.

Blue diamond solitaires are particularly striking and Apples of Gold carries them in several sizes, from dainty to decadent. They, and a number of Apples of Gold’s other blue diamond rings are perfectly suited for popping the question. Bridal sets featuring these unique stones are a slightly out-of-the-ordinary way to say both “Will you?” and “I do.”

For a touch of fun, check one of our Blue and White Diamond Swirl Rings, or one of our Three Stone Blue and White Diamond Rings that appear to wrap around your finger. These pieces add a playful yet sophisticated touch to just about any outfit.

Blue diamonds combine beautifully with traditional white diamonds, a quality which is showcased in several of Apples of Gold’s rings. For example, the 1 Carat Three Stone Blue and White Diamond Ring features a ½ carat blue diamond nestled between two round ¼ carat white diamonds, and the 0.62 Carat Blue and White Diamond Flower Ring creates a flower from four blue diamonds and 26 smaller white diamonds.What are Blue Diamonds?

Blue diamonds aren’t just for women! Apples of Gold also offers men’s blue diamond rings that give a refined, masculine edge to this unique stone. Blue diamonds aren’t just for rings either: they look equally stunning in a wide selection of earrings and pendants, like Apples of Gold’s blue diamond journey pendants.

Blue diamonds stand out in a crowd for all the right reasons. No matter what style you choose, blue diamond jewelry is sure to make a unique and fashionable statement.

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