Silver Personalized Rings

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Silver Personalized Rings

No ordinary ring will do. A silver personalized ring—or a pair of them designed to match or complement each other—puts your own stamp on that holy exchange of rings. Immortalize a Scripture quote such as the Song of Solomon’s ever popular “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine” on a silver personalized ring or choose a verse that holds special meaning for the pair of you as you begin your life as husband and wife. Read more.

A silver personalized ring may be simple on the outside, bearing your initials or your spouse’s name, while the interior of the ring--a secret pressed against your skin—is engraved with the wedding vows from the Book of Common Prayer or a romantic message from your betrothed. Silver is stronger than gold—often added to gold in alloy to strengthen the latter—just as your love is strong enough to withstand the hardships of a long life together, hand in hand. Choose that sturdy, pure metal to be the external manifestation and symbol of your holy wedding vows with silver personalized rings.

Unite your names, or choose to inscribe only your shared last name on the band and put your first names, initials or even terms of endearment you use for each other on the inside of the rings. That way, you’ll get to keep secret the fact that your groom elect calls you Cutie Pie while still honoring the intimacy of that sweet nickname as a hidden part of your wedding rings. Choose to accent your silver personalized rings with your birthstones or the traditional stone of the month when you’ll marry to make a truly dazzling customized statement.

Silver personalized rings are ideal for weddings but are equally at home as anniversary or birthday gifts, or a present on the occasion of a child’s birth. Imagine her delight when she opens a velvet box and finds a narrow silver band inscribed with her newborn infant’s name in a swirling font. The ring may be cherished and worn daily for years and then one day passed on to the grown child whose name it bears as a sweet and cherished heirloom—perhaps on her wedding day to be worn as her ‘something old’ as tradition dictates. Silver personalized rings are suited to many occasions, are versatile to wear and completely one-of-a-kind in customized design.

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