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White Gold Personalized Rings

Personalized rings in white gold have an aesthetic of lightness, as if the engraving were carved in ice and snow with sunlight glinting off its edges. Modern and chic, white gold rings have gained popularity in the last decade as yellow gold has fallen somewhat out of favor in fashion. White gold is universally flattering to a variety of skin tones by virtue of its very whiteness, which lends it a certain neutrality of hue. White gold will render the hand neither sallow nor ruddy but will lie in perfect complement to the skin color of the wearer. Just as a white blouse can enliven any complexion with an appearance of brightness and health, so can a white gold personalized ring flatter a hand of any skin tone. Read more.

When antiqued, white gold personalized rings showcase an engraved message with stark contrast, highlighting the letters with a deep gray. If you want your date or name to stand out and be highly readable, a white gold personalized ring is ideal. Antiquing also transforms a new ring into one with a vintage feel, lending it the appearance of a treasured item found in an old jewelry box, rendered stylish, funky and special by its very age. With its timeless and beautiful sentiment carved in white gold, a personalized ring is a highly individual possession.

Foreign words or phrases, whether Hebrew from the Holy Scriptures or a line of poetry in Italian, appear gorgeous and exotic on the surface of antiqued white gold personalized rings. Find a symbol or sentence that resonates with you and lend it the imperishability of a customized engraving. You’re sure to have a conversation piece when you design such an intriguing bauble. Accessorize with your meaning, celebrating your love of the written word with a mantra or proverb carved into icy white gold.

Poet John Keats once wrote that a thing of beauty is a joy forever…how much more joyful then is such an item when engraved with precious words such as the name of your beloved or a date with sentimental significance such as they day your grandparents married or the date you graduated with your doctorate. Commemorate such special moments with a thing of beauty like a white gold personalized ring, designed especially for you.

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