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Black Diamond Rings
Black Diamond Rings


Black Diamond Ring Myths

The fact that black diamonds are located on the continents of South America and Africa has been explained by the theory that at one time, the two were one land mass. The supposition has also been proposed that the impact of a meteor could have contributed to this continental division.

The mists of time have also surrounded black diamonds with contradictory myths and beliefs. Indian legend has it that black diamonds represent Yama, the god of death. In almost direct opposition is the Italian belief that the black diamond is the stone of reconciliation – with the power to shore up relationships and correct misunderstandings between couples.

For years, carbonadoes have been used in industry. We are all aware of the familiar phrase, “industrial diamonds”. Because of their hardness, black diamonds have proven eminently suitable for use in cutting tools and drill bits. Whether black diamonds were formed by direct conversion of organic carbon under high pressure in the Earth’s interior, much like conventional diamonds as some contend, or by way of radiation produced by a spontaneous fusion of uranium and thorium, as others contend, or by way of a meteorite, black diamonds have always been in demand. It is only relatively recently that they have been deemed desirable as jewelry. This development is due largely to the marketing campaign by the De Beers organization.

Because of their many inclusions – criss-crossing scratches filled with sulfides – which, in point of fact lead to the black color, black diamonds have been very difficult to cut and subsequently polish. Once in a while, however, black diamonds with fewer inclusions are turned up. These, of course, are easier to deal with. Consequently, these more refined black diamonds command considerably higher prices on the market.


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