14K Solid Gold 12.5mm Men's Nugget Bracelet

Item #: qgbr-8-21bn
Retail Value: 6475.00


made in the USA

Experience the convergence of rugged allure and elegant design with the 12.5mm Men's 14k Solid Gold Nugget Bracelet. This luxurious piece amplifies the distinctive charm of gold nuggets through a bold lens, perfectly crafted for the modern man with an appreciation for classic style.

Each robust 12.5mm link in this bracelet mirrors the captivating texture and visual appeal of raw gold nuggets, elevating the meaning of solid gold jewelry. The rich, lustrous hue of 14k gold meets the nugget-inspired design, creating an intriguing contrast that perfectly marries rawness and refinement.

Comfortably measuring 8" in length, the bracelet embodies a bold presence on the wrist, asserting a balance between fit and aesthetic. At a solid weight of approximately 34.90 grams, it stands as a tangible symbol of quality, the heft of gold emphasizing its undeniably superior craftsmanship.

The secure box clasp, seamlessly flowing with the nugget design, ensures not just a firm fit, but also a consistent representation of the unique nugget theme, making the bracelet a singular piece of timeless design.

12.5mm Nugget Bracelet 14K Solid Gold

  • Guaranteed 14K Solid Gold!
  • 12.5mm wide and 8 inches in length.
  • Approx. 34.90 grams.
  • Made in the U.S.A.!
  • 45-Day Return Policy.
  • Free shipping in the U.S.A.!

Crafted with meticulous care and skill in the USA, this bracelet is a testament to the country's enduring tradition of superior jewelry craftsmanship.

We guarantee our 14K Solid Gold 12.5mm Men's Nugget Bracelet to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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