14K Tri-Color Gold Flower Ring

14K Tri-Color Gold Flower Ring

Item #: QG-D3092
Retail Value: 250.00


made in the USA

This cute and playful 14K tri-color gold flower ring from Apples of Gold Jewelry will have you embracing your sweet side!

The toe ring, which has a 14K yellow gold band, is cute enough on its own, but when you add the tri-color gold flowers to it, it adds an extra layer of fun! One of the flowers is 14K yellow gold, the middle flower is 14K rose gold, and the other flower is 14K white gold. All three of the flowers are set on top of the 6mm wide band, which splits into two textured bands with an open middle.

We guarantee our 14K Tri-Color Gold Flower Ring to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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