4mm 14K Gold Herringbone Necklace

Item #: QG-SLK040
Retail Value: 1400.00



Discover the charm of celestial grandeur with our 14k Solid Gold 4mm Herringbone Necklace. Each 4mm link paints a vivid picture of the herringbone fish, the timeless pattern meticulously etched into the unyielding strength of solid gold. This splendid necklace, therefore, is more than an adornment - it’s a testament to your distinctive narrative.

The necklace is an artist's rendering of your identity, each 4mm thread of solid gold translating the richness of your journey into a tangible form. It graces your skin, painting an entrancing silhouette, as the light and shadow play upon its herringbone design.

Its integrity is ensured by a sturdy lobster claw clasp, a symbol of your enduring spirit. As it circles your neck, the necklace gleams with the charisma of your resilience and grace. Choose from five lengths—16", 18", 20", 24", and 30"—with weights of 7.20, 8.13, 9.03, 10.84, and 13.55 grams respectively. Despite its bold presence, this necklace prioritizes comfort, delicately balancing its weight with the resilience of its solid gold construction.

14K Solid Gold 4mm Herringbone Necklace

  • Guaranteed 14K Solid Gold.
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  • 45-Day Return & Exchange Policy.

Extend your journey into the world of fine jewelry with our matching bracelet and a choice of widths from 3mm to 10mm, each piece a unique accent to your elegant narrative.

We guarantee our 4mm 14K Gold Herringbone Necklace to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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