5mm Herringbone Bracelet 14K Solid Gold

5mm Herringbone Bracelet 14K Solid Gold

Item #: qgbr-050kls-br
Retail Value: 1000.00



Infuse a touch of radiant luxury into your style narrative with our 5mm Herringbone Bracelet, a composition of 14k solid gold. Each 5mm link mirrors the grace of herringbone fish patterns, threading together an embodiment of refined beauty.

Drizzled in resplendent gold, this bracelet captures the eloquence of your uniqueness, channeling it through its magnificent 5mm width. This is no ordinary adornment; itís a chorus of your personal tales woven into a captivating herringbone silhouette that serenely slides against your skin, catching light in an enchanting play of shimmer and shadow.

Secured with a lobster claw clasp, this bracelet's presence is a constant emblem of your unyielding spirit, gracefully captured in the brilliance of this timeless piece. Select between the 7" length, a mere 4.93 grams, or the 8" length at 5.46 grams. The unexpected lightness of this bracelet ensures a seamless blend of comfort and luxury, a testament to the enduring quality of its solid gold creation.

3mm Herringbone Bracelet

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Expand your possibilities with our matching necklace, or explore the range from 3mm to 10mm widths to match your unique expression of elegance (shown below).

We guarantee our 5mm Herringbone Bracelet 14K Solid Gold to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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