April Birthstone Cross Pendant, Sterling Silver

April Birthstone Cross Pendant, Sterling Silver

Item #: QGCR-QC4331
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18 Inches
20 Inches

made in the USA

The dazzling beauty of April's birthstone is perfectly captured in this Black Antiqued Cross Pendant in Sterling Silver. Encrusted with white stones that mimic the brilliance of diamonds, this cross pendant shines with a purity that transcends mere aesthetics. As light dances upon the stones, they radiate a grace that invites reflection on faith's unwavering presence in our lives.

The polished sterling silver juxtaposed with the black antiquing allows the luminous white stones to truly stand out. Their placement at the center of the cross can remind the wearer of the spiritual purity and clarity that comes from following a righteous path, reflecting light into the world as an embodiment of virtue and faith.

Jewelry Dimensions

The cross measures 1 3/8" (34.75mm) x 7/8" wide (22mm), with an overall height inclusive of the hoop just under 1 1/2" tall (37mm). Weighing approximately 2.16 grams of .925 sterling silver, this pendant promises both a stunning appearance and lasting quality.

Pair this pendant with a 1mm sterling silver box chain in your choice of 18" or 20", to make it a cherished April birthstone cross necklace. Lovingly crafted in the U.S.A., this pendant is more than a piece of jewelry; it's a testament to faith and an expression of devotion.

Sterling Silver Antiqued April Birthstone Cross Pendant Sterling Silver

  • April Birthstone: White Stones
  • Guaranteed .925 Sterling Silver
  • Christian Jewelry Made in the U.S.A.!
  • 45-Day Return & Exchange Policy
  • Free shipping in the U.S.A. (worldwide shipping available)

Biblical Reflection

"The light of the righteous rejoiceth: but the lamp of the wicked shall be put out." (Proverbs 13:9)

The sparkling white stones in this cross pendant call to mind the radiance of righteousness mentioned in Proverbs. Wearing this beautiful piece serves as a reminder to live a life that shines brightly, mirroring the divine love that guides us. It's a beacon of faith, hope, and purity.

We guarantee our April Birthstone Cross Pendant, Sterling Silver to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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