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14K Rose Gold Flat Bangle Bracelet, 19mm (3/4")

Purchase 14K Rose Gold Flat Bangle Bracelet, 19mm (3/4")
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Handmade, 14K Solid Gold Rose Gold Bangle Bracelet.

Since each bangle is individually crafted to order, our rose gold bangles are thicker and more substantial than the average machine-made bangle bracelet.

Crafted for every day, life-time wear.

You can also customize your bangle bracelet to make it heavierby request.

Bangle Width:

19mm wide (3/4").

Size & Weight:

7" (2.5 inch inside diameter), approx. 47.0 grams
7 1/2" (2.75 inch inside diameter), approx. 50.3 grams
8" (3 inch inside diameter), approx. 53.7 grams

Available Sizes:

6mm,7mm,8mm,10mm,11mm,12mm,15mm,19mm,22mm, and25mm widths (smaller widths also availableby request).

Also available in yellow gold or white gold, shown below.

We guarantee our 14K Rose Gold Flat Bangle Bracelet, 19mm (3/4") to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.

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