14K White Gold Curb Bracelet - 9.6mm

14K White Gold Curb Bracelet - 9.6mm

Item #: BO-250-W
Retail Value: 7425.00


made in the USA

High quality, hand-made 14k white gold curb link bracelet.

9.6mm wide (3/8"").

Approx. 41.0 grams.

8 1/2 Inch Length, standard. Available in all lengths.

Our curb bracelets are higher in quality compared to standard machine-made link bracelets, because they are individually hand-crafted.

This creates a smoother, cleaner finish and reduces the amount of air bubbles (porosities) inside the gold for a finer consistency and smooth surface.

Very sturdy curb chain with depth and thickness. These are substantial bracelets.

We guarantee our 14K White Gold Curb Bracelet - 9.6mm to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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