Black Titanium Domed Hammer Finished Wedding Band

Black Titanium Domed Hammer Finished Wedding Band

Item #: QGRG-TB385
Retail Value: 150.00



The texture of this ring is what really makes it stand out. Rather than simply being crafted, it's been hammer-finished all around so that it has varying textures all around. It's pleasing to the touch, and it's even more pleasing to look at, made out of black titanium. Not only is it splendid to look at, but the ring is IP plated, so it's sure to last for years and years as a symbol of the day you committed yourself to your loved one. At 8 millimeters it's slightly wider than average for a wedding ring, however the texture and the plating make it well worth considering as you plan for that special day.

This black IP-plated titanium band has a high polished finish with a hammered texture.

Ring measures 8mm wide.

What is Ip-Plating?

Ip-Plating or Ion Plating is a colorization process that involves plating the metal with a color, typically black, yellow, rose or chocolate. It involves adding of a titanium nitride layer, which has a high chemical stability, to the component to be plated. It is much more durable than traditional plating methods.

We guarantee our Black Titanium Domed Hammer Finished Wedding Band to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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