Chastity Cross Heart Ring in 14K Gold

Chastity Cross Heart Ring in 14K Gold

Item #: STLRG-R7027Y
Retail Value: $950.00

Ring Size:

made in the USA

Making a wonderful gift for a daughter, granddaughter, or a loved friend of family member, this chastity cross heart ring in 14K gold from Apples of Gold Jewelry will remind yourself or a loved one of a very important promise.

Made from 14K yellow gold, this beautiful ring measures 5.2mm in size at the top of the ring. The golden band features a heart in the center of the ring with a cross beveled into the middle of the heart. There is a bead like design on both sides of the heart for extra detail.

We guarantee our Chastity Cross Heart Ring in 14K Gold to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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