Classic Monogram Ring, Sterling Silver

Classic Monogram Ring, Sterling Silver

Item #: QGRG-XNR50SS
Retail Value: 199.00

Women's Size:
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made in the USA

This Classic Monogram Ring in Sterling Silver fits on the finger like a modern-day secret symbol, when it is actually a cleverly disguised monogram. It is a beautiful ring with a stylish silver band and perfectly round, three-letter monogram that is so easily admired for is perfectly proportioned design.

This eye-catching ring features a sterling silver band (2mm-3mm) and a round monogram design (10mm x 10mm). Within the monogram are three letters of your choosing, formed together in an artistic way to create a truly intriguing combination. Two initials form the sides of the circular monogram with the more prominent initial set in the center of the design. Notice how the sterling silver band ends at either side of the monogram, which allows the light to pass through the center of the design so the shadows to enhance the twists and turns of the beautiful lettering.

This sterling silver ring is a contemporary piece that can be worn on its own or easily paired with other silver jewelry. The ring is a sentimental piece that holds a message celebrating family and identify. It is a ring that you will admire and treasure for years to come.

Monogram measures 10mm (3/8") x 10mm (3/8") and the band measures approx. 4mm (1/8") in width.

Rules for Monograms

Monogram for Couple

  • First initial is woman's first name initial
  • Middle LARGE INITIAL is initial of last name
  • Last small initial is man's first name initial

Monogram for One Person

  • First small initial is person's first name initial
  • Middle LARGE INITIAL is initial of last name
  • Last small initial is person's middle name initial
We guarantee our Classic Monogram Ring, Sterling Silver to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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