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Apples of Gold Jewelry's diamond cross necklaces and pendants is among our personal favorites when it comes to Christian jewelry, because ApplesofGold.com is a Christian owned-jewelry company.

We take the Bible seriously, we take salvation by faith alone in Jesus Christ seriously, and we take providing our customers quality diamond cross necklaces seriously, because we want to be sure that we provide our brothers and sisters in the Lord with a quality cross necklace that you will want to wear for a lifetime.

Apples of Gold is a company you can trust, because we strive to honor and serve the Lord Jesus Christ in both our work and in our personal lives.

Our diamond cross necklaces for women and men all use precious metals like solid gold, sterling silver, and genuine diamonds.

Our prices are below retail and average about 30-40% below tradition retail for diamond cross jewelry.

Every necklace and Christian cross comes with our standard, above-normal 45-day return policy and if you get any jewelry from us that you do not like, simply return it to us in its original condition for a full 100% refund!

Free shipping is included with every purchase via FedEx or UPS delivery.

Make Apples of Gold the only online jewelry store you shop with online, knowing that our diamond cross necklaces, support a real, Christian-owned company that is not willing to comprise, either on the Word or its work.

God bless!

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