Filigree Monogram Medallion Earrings, Sterling Silver

Filigree Monogram Medallion Earrings, Sterling Silver

Item #: QGER-XNE20SS
Retail Value: 200.00

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Enjoy these lovely silver earrings as they dangle effortlessly from your ears to display a unique monogram picked by you. The Filigree Monogram Medallion Earrings in Sterling Silver are a distinctly decorative accessory that adds personality to your everyday outfit. These earrings are the perfect way to personalize your look and play with your style.

These monogram earrings are made in the image of round medallions each measuring 15mm by 14mm. The earrings feature a monogram design inspired by up to three letters of your choosing. The letters are written into the medallion in an ornamental script outlined in a slightly oval, silver border. At the top of the medallion is a hoop that attaches to a polished silver ball leading to a push-back post. These slender medallion earrings hang beautifully from the ear for an attractive look and a true fashion statement.

These monogram medallion earrings create an interesting illusion