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Gold Anklet Jewelry

Anklets have been worn as jewelry in the west since the Bronze Age and those fashioned of gold have often marked out the wealth and prestige of the wearer. First popularized by those in ancient Sumer as ornamental jewelry, gold anklets were originally a status symbol attesting to the wealth and prosperity of one’s husband. Ankle chains of iron were worn by ancient Egyptians to display lucky talismans among the peasantry while gold anklet jewelry was favored to exhibit rich jewels adorning the wealthy nobility. Read more.

Gold anklet jewelry is versatile and has a rich history throughout the world. Shining olden anklets are traditional garb for the Indian bride, usually worn on both ankles, while, in Western culture, the anklet is more commonly worn on one ankle only. A finer chain brings a more refined and subtle sparkle to a bare ankle while a thicker or twisted chain is more casual and youthful. Most popular among women in metals such as silver and gold, anklets of iron or leather may be worn by men as well.

Gold anklet jewelry is youthful and bohemian, suitable for wear with a sundress and sandals or even a bride who chooses to go barefoot for an outdoor wedding. Gold anklets are both elegant and whimsical, whether comprised of a simple link or rope chain or embellished with charms bearing the motifs of crosses, hearts, jewels, tiny bells or even ladybugs. The addition of charms to gold anklets brings another dimension of personalization to the expressive nature of anklets, highlighting the nature of the wearer and her penchant for, say, stars or colorful beads. Because gold is a classical choice of jewelry metal, it lends gravity and timelessness to such a fanciful ornament. Both alluring and feminine, gold anklet jewelry is a welcome addition to any woman’s wardrobe of accessories.

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