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Gold Personalized Rings

He brought them forth also with silver and gold: and there was not one feeble person among their tribes. (Psalms 105:37)

As the Lord kept his Covenant, delivering his chosen people from oppression, so he used precious metals such as gold to signify his blessing and safeguard upon them. That incorruptible metal, both so strong and so malleable, might be the finest metaphor for a Christian heart…stalwart and true, but flexible enough to change its ways and set off down the true path to righteousness. Yellow gold has long been highly prized for its warm natural shine and its purity. To be crafted into jewelry, most yellow gold is alloyed with a stronger metal such as silver or copper to provide support, just as God’s mercy gives us courage in adversity, protecting the fragile stuff of our sacred souls. Carving the symbols or words of God on a yellow gold personalized ring seems exceptionally appropriate for a Christian with a strong and flexible heart.

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Yellow gold personalized rings can also symbolize the ephemeral nature of all corporeal things. As the poet Robert Frost wrote: “nothing gold can stay.” The words of the Lord are eternal and imperishable, while even gold shall be worn away with the passing of the ages or corrosion of the elements. Setting Scripture or cross in a golden ring declares its preciousness to your heart and acknowledges that all shall pass away but the word of God.

Give a pure heart to the Lord and enshrine a tribute to the gifts he has given you—the names of your children, the date of your baptism—by having them engraved in gold. The date of your holy wedding vows or the name of your spouse is appropriate to sanctify in gold, along with a cross or Ichthys (the Christian fish symbol) is a modest way to show your reverence for all that is blessed in your life. A personalized yellow gold ring honors the gifts we owe to the Lord in a beautiful piece of gold like that alluded to in the Psalms of David.

Design a yellow gold personalized ring to commemorate significant events in your family. Make a tradition of giving your children a customized golden band for their baptism or marriage and they may pass on that tradition...and the heirloom personalized rings…to the next generation of your family as they grow in the Lord.

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