Angled Mariner Bracelet, 14K White Gold

Angled Mariner Bracelet, 14K White Gold

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Item #: HBR-3
Retail Value: 3800.00


made in the USA
Our angled mariner link bracelet is handmade to order, for the utmost in quality and gold finish. This creates a superior design and quality compared to standard machine-made link bracelets.

Measures approx. 8mm wide (5/16").

Gram weights vary by length.

8 Inches = approx. 21.0 grams.
8 1/2 Inches = approx. 22.3 grams
9 Inches = approx. 23.6 grams
9 1/2 Inches =  approx. 25.0 grams
10 Inches = approx. 26.3 grams

Available in smaller sizes also.

8 Inches (standard). All other sizes by special order.

Also available in 14k solid yellow gold or two-tone gold as alternating links, by request.

We guarantee our Angled Mariner Bracelet, 14K White Gold to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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