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Hinged Gold Bangle Bracelets

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Bangle bracelets never go out of vogue. Their playful yet sophisticated attitude can add just the right pop of style to outfits ranging from a dress for the office to a night-out ensemble to the clothes you thrown on to run errands. Like all bangles, hinged bangle bracelets offer this instant sense of chic, but they also provide an ease that other similar bracelets can’t boast. A simple hinge allows each of these pieces to slip on and off with ease, no hand contortion required. Read more.

There’s no bad day for a hinged bangle. No matter what you’re wearing, these golden circles bring your look up a notch, providing a pulled-together feel that’s classy but never uptight. These bracelets are also timeless, able to add glamour decade after decade, not matter what trends are in vogue. Their golden gleam is always in style.

The width of a hinged bangle bracelet can make a big difference in its personality. Slender styles lend an airy, lighthearted feel to an outfit; they’re also team players and can be grouped together with each other or other yellow gold styles for an upscale eclectic look. Wide styles, on the other hand, can make a bold statement when worn solo. Their sizeable shining surface is hard to miss, adding a huge dose of sophistication to your look.

A swirled design can give a hinged bangle bracelet a dressed-up look that doesn’t take too much attention away from their bold circular shape. This subtle variation on classic bangle style is just as timeless as its more traditional counterparts.

Hammered hinged bangles combine a slightly rugged look with a style that emulates class. The pounded finish of these bracelets adds a handcrafted touch to any outfit as well as a touch of sophistication. In addition, since these styles are intentionally full of dents and dings, any additional ones that you incur only add to the character of these versatile pieces. They’re perfect for those who are hard on their jewelry and great for anyone looking for a low-maintenance piece that’s ideal for every day.

All of Apples of Gold’s hinged bangle bracelets are crafted from top-quality 14K gold—they’re not just gold plated! These are pieces of fine jewelry that have been made to last for the long haul, and they’ll add that perfect, glamorous touch to your look for decades to come. There’s never a bad time for a gold hinged bangle!

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