6mm Rope Bracelet, 14K Solid Gold

6mm Rope Bracelet, 14K Solid Gold

Item #: MM-006-040
Retail Value: 3750.00



14K Solid Gold 6mm Diamond Cut Rope Bracelet (5.5mm after diamond cutting process - most jewelers won't tell you this! We are transparent about our jewelry gram weights and measurements).

Available in 7" length, 8" length, and 9" length.

Rope Chain Weight:

7" - 17.42 grams.
8" - 19.98 grams.
9" - 22.48 grams.

Comes standard with secure lobster claw clasp.

Also available as a gold rope chain, shown below.

We guarantee our 6mm Rope Bracelet, 14K Solid Gold to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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