Stainless Steel Diamond Cross Ring

Stainless Steel Diamond Cross Ring

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This ring features intricate and loving detail in the form of 0.050 carat diamonds set into the sides and into the cross, which serves as the main focal point of the piece. The material for the ring is stainless steel, meaning that this piece will last for years without visible wear, tear, or fading and discoloration. It's also ideal for those with allergies to other metal like copper. Not only is this ring practical, but it's also very pleasing to the eye, combining the beauty of the diamonds with a highly polished finish so that even the metal itself gleams. The carefully carved details on the side make this ring a piece to be appreciated.

Face measures 20mm (13/16") wide and 15mm (9/16") long. Band measures 7mm (1/4") at the back.

We guarantee our Stainless Steel Diamond Cross Ring to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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