Swarovski Crystal Beads

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Swarovski Beads

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Swarovski Crystal Beads

Apples of Gold Swarovski crystal beads bring color and sparkle to your bead collection. Whether celebrating a special birthday or simply adding colorful accents to your bracelet or necklace, our beads stand out for their high quality crystal accents and genuine sterling silver setting. Read more.

Apples of Gold offers Swarovski crystal birthstone beads in three attractive styles. Chose from a one-stone bead set in a twisted, sterling silver pattern, a six-stone bead featuring six birthstone crystals set in a ring of sterling silver, or a multi-crystal pave setting. Purchase one bead or mix and match to create a series! There is a bead for each birthstone of the year making this a perfect gift for a special birthday.

Swarovski crystal beads make a personal addition to your bead collection. Each bead is designed to express the personality and style of the wearer. While the birthstone bead collection is designed to represent your birth month, itís also a great way to add your favorite colors to your bead necklace or bracelet. You donít have to be born in the month of March to appreciate the aquamarine-colored Swarovski bead.

Swarovski crystal beads can be worn individually or as a set. Collect the beads that express who you are and what you love. A birthstone bead is a perfect starter bead, especially when giving a gift. Later the wearer can add to her collection from Apples of Goldís extensive bead collection. Favorite designs include Celtic patterns, religious motifs, floral accents, and alphabet letters. In addition to beads accented with crystals, you will also find silver and gold beads as well as authentic Italian Murano glass. Spacers and charms also add variety and style. Each piece is a unique creation!

Apples of Gold offers a wide variety of options for displaying your Swarovski crystal beads along with the rest of your bead collection. For a casual, everyday look, string your beads on a leather cord bracelet or necklace. Sterling silver necklaces and bracelets pair well with the sterling silver setting of the bead for a look that gives off extra shine. Dress up your look with a bracelet that features a 14k gold bead clasp.

Our crystal beads are both beautiful and affordable. Loved by women of all ages, they make an ideal gift for a birthday, holiday, or special occasion. Make that gift sparkle with a genuine Swarovski crystal bead from Apples of Gold.

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